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ABC Apple Pie is a book for elementary school children about the history of an apple pie and how some of the townspeople relate to it in various ways just by eating it. With this, children can learn the alphabet and the use of some verbs in the past tense while reading, in addition, children have the opportunity to learn new rarely used verbs. In addition, the little ones can learn the alphabetical order.

Publisher's note: The English illustrator Kate Greenaway (1846-1901) from London, illustrated and published a book called "A Apple Pie" based on a popular rhyme with the same name. The book was first published in 1886 which are in the public domain and were used in the illustration of this book. In the old version “A Apple Pie”, the letters "I" and "J" and "U" and "V" were treated as one without differentiation, which explains the absence of these two vowels in the illustrations of Greenaway. All illustrations except for the cover and title page are illustrations by Kate Greenaway. The illustration of the pages of the letter E, H, L, N, Q and U are images of Kate Greenaway rearranged and digitally retouched by the author.

ABC Apple Pie

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