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"Her challenge is not dyslexia but rather the lack of awareness about it"


This book is 6x9 inches with 94 pages. Perfect for children between 8 to 14 years old.


It's back to school for Luna, a twelve-year-old girl, but things don't quite get off to the best start. From dealing with dyslexia, teachers that do not seem to understand her issues, handling an annoying bully and her frustration of not getting any support and not being able to do much by herself.

This book Luna's Story is a fiction book based on a real story that showcases the struggles of a girl with dyslexia in school until teachers understood and facilitated special help accordingly to support her learning disability.

The book was written by Clementina Makanjuola, who suffers from dyslexia, to create awareness by telling her story to help minimize the struggles of other kids with dyslexia and help others to acknowledge that kids with dyslexia are easy targets by bullies.

Luna's Story

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