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Rain, Rain is a children’s book that with a poem tries to show in a humorous and fun way what happens in the streets at a time when the rain begins to fall, proving some problems to the people, but at the represent a blessing for animals and plants who need it and enjoy it.

It may be true that rain is sometimes not very well accepted by us, but it is always well received by other living beings; We must always rejoice when it rains, remembering that rain brings a great variety of benefits for the planet and the beings that inhabit it.

When it rains our atmosphere cools down, the leaves of the trees are cleaned allowing them to better absorb carbon from the air, protect plants from certain harmful bacteria and insects and provide them with water that they absorb through their roots. The rivers, lakes, and streams are filled, thus allowing the survival of the species around and inside to prevent them from drying out. Rain provides us with salt-free water, which we drink and use, thus helping to support life on the planet.

The Rain must be a reason for joy for all, for all the blessings it brings to our mother earth and her children.

This book is print in softcover, full color, size 8.5” by 8.5”, and has 28 pages with full-color images. At the end of the book, you will find the traditional song “Rain, rain go away” and a page with educational information about the rain, perfect for kid's curiosity.

Children's book "Rain, Rain" by Andy Rosario & Maria Aduke Alabi

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