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ABC Apple Pie is a book for elementary school children about the tale of an apple pie and how some town folks relate to it in various ways when wanting to taste it. Based on an 18th Century Rhyme with which kids can learn the alphabet and the use of some verbs in the past tense while reading, additionally, kids have the chance to learn Spanish.

PDF Libro infantil "ABC Apple Pie" de Maria Aduke Alabi

  • Type: Illustrated Children Book

    Format: Soft Cover and Ebook

    Pages: 40 pages

    Publication Date: Oct. 01, 2020 

    Language: English Espanol

    Interior: Full color

    ISBN-10: 1477118594 

    Dimensiones: 8.25 x 8.25 pulgadas 

    Peso: 0.296 libras

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