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My work ... that's what I am

I am a woman of many passions, writing, poetry, photography, my folklore, my family, they define me, they are my work of art, my creation, my life. If you look for me in each one of them you will find me, in my books, my photos, my children, my verses. I am my work, there I am; and I give myself to the world because they are for the world; my legacy, my heritage, the best part of me.

As an Afro-Caribbean woman born and raised in the Dominican Republic, my works are influenced by the saline breeze from the beaches, the murmur of the palm trees being shaken by the warm breeze and the heat of the sun that even when I am far from me. Quisqueya beloved, as a good compatriot she accompanies me.

"Know yourself and all that you represent"

Maria Aduke Alabi


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