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This work is the nostalgic essence that springs from the corner of my existence, the ones that I present in verses that perhaps many eyes will read and when they do so they will not see, but my voice will scream although it may not be heard, perhaps because I am the simple tear that begins to walk blindly and in the dark the paths of an unknown face.


In each of these poems I find myself, because each one was part of my being at some point in my life and at some point in my life they were my life at that point.


I want with this work to remove the most hidden feelings and give them life, making them feel the eternity of the moment, letting the lights of each verse feel vibrant, almost blinding, exposed on paper, perhaps timid and afraid that the eyes will not look at them and the souls do not feel them.


Voice of nostalgia, perhaps it is nothing more than the migration of my life to death, towards sad passions possibly absurd, since they evade the purposes of men; my goal is not to deny happiness or omit it, but simply to awaken that sensitivity that lies under the rough bark of the most sorrowful beings, presenting them with that loneliness that drowns in silence and makes us its victims, those feelings that burn the soul and that They have burned the hearts of many men. These countless voices are echoes of the soul with which I share other people's and my own feelings that I want to make other hearts beat.

Poetry Book "Voice of Nostalgia" by Maria Aduke Alabi

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