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Doña Semana, is a compilation of Dominican nursery rhymes with a traditional character and a particularity that differentiates them from other songs: its themes bring a pedagogical content that helps promote children's learning through musical expression.

Each of them, regardless of their playful content, contributes to basic early childhood education and helps children to integrate with others, promotes the development of language skills and fosters group work and a sense of collaboration, coordination and development. motor.

These didactic songs, all popular, some not so traditional, should be sung and taught in primary schools. They have been maintained over time thanks to the fact that they contain a charm, a beauty and a purpose that could be of great use to infants; but also to those who only seek a recreational form of fun and healthy entertainment.

Book "Dona Semana - Traditional Educational Children's Songs"

SKU: LI-pdf-DS1-E
    • Published By: Quisqueyana Press (January 10, 2020)
    • Spanish Language
    • Pages: 182 pages
    • ISBN-10: 0578627701
    • ISBN-13: 978-0578627700
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