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Be aware of the lies, be clear on the facts; for it will be a shame on them that fool you once but a shame on you if you are fooled twice.

This line journal with a striking cover contains some of the lies attributed to the current United States president Donald J. Trump with a level-o-meter of the lies and QR codes to check for the facts. This is a very instrumental journal for people who have noticed that our POTUS is not governing for “The People” but only for his own people. This journal is for those ones whom, though Americans do not benefit from his policies but rather get disenfranchised by them.

The writing journal contains an index with the QR codes sources, and the subject of each proven lie told, written or spoken by the POTUS. This writing journal makes the perfect gift for family and friends to draw awareness to our state of the union, for political committees or groups or just for anyone who simply agrees that we have a compulsive liar in the White House with the special uncommon presidential characteristic. Or simply to put a smile on someone's face.

Not my President - Lies & Facts Journal by POTUS and Check Mate

$19.99 Regular Price
$18.99Sale Price
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