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"Learning popular sayings in a fun way"


What do those sayings that Grandma Maria says mean?


Join us in this new adventure and try to decipher and understand together with Mary the meaning of the sayings that Grandma Maria says in this fun book, in which you will find some 43 popular sayings that are an important part of the folklore of the Dominican Republic. and all of Latin America. 


It is a cultural treasure, an important part of Latin American folklore, now available to children. With this book they will learn proverbs, but also their meaning, why and how they are used and what fun it can be to use them in our day to day.


In this children's book you will meet the 8-year-old girl Mary who shares with you anecdotes lived with her grandmother Maria, who through the enunciation of popular sayings teaches her life lessons that were learned from her ancestors, through which Mary learns a different, fun and interesting way of saying things easily and in a few words.


Written by the Dominican author and poet Maria Aduke Alabi illustrated by the artist venezolano San Pedro Camargo._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d

PDF "As Granny Maria Says"

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