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Versos en Matices is a compilation of poems, united by the competition of their own diversity, which, due to the different tonalities subscribed to in life itself, are expressed in a way that encompasses each one of them, with its own character, with style and with a peculiar and special quality that is distinguished by its nuances, which transform letters into sensations.


This collection of colorative poems is a light that breaks down into rays, each with a different hue in the process of reflecting in others, either by harmony or contrast, the perfect combination of sensations, music, passions, memories and feelings.


I hope with each verse to produce an impression on the reader's individual sensorium that is unleashed by its own light that is reflected as a ray brimming with sensibilities, to let the emerging vibration of its lyrical waves be felt and that these envelop and seduce souls with their rhythmic songs or arrhythmic, that build in the imagination with faithful attachment the colors reflected by its spectrum.

PDF - Verses in Nuances. Poems in colors that transform letters into sensations

SKU: LP-pdf-VM2-E
  • Type: Varied poetry 

    Format: Soft cover and e-book

    Pages: 150 pages

    Publication Date: May 10, 2022 

    Idiom: English

    Inside Colour: Black and White

    eBook ASIN: B09ZYTH26N 

    Paperback ISBN: 979-8985585841 

    Dimensions:  5.5 x 0.34 x 8.5  inches 

    Weight: 6.4oz

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