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Relieved and Relovedis poetry in prose about love and heartbreaks that deal with different pains and rejoice into drops of happiness that feed on love, the one that gives life and minutes later can kill. This book takes the reader into a journey of ups and downs, touching the bitter moments and the sweetest ones. 104 pages filled with ink and illustrations that embrace the contrast of life, the duality of a heart that falls in love and falls in pain.


Take a stroll through my mind; tour each cavern filled with emotions and enjoy each ballad filled with quotes, celebrating my happiness, sweat during my misfortune, embrace my soul as my pulse thumps uncontrollably. Weep as my love trails off, losing grips on my sanity over who matters the most. Describe my pages in your own words or just imagine…


I have relieved my heart, saved feelings, and circumstanced my love, in order to feel that feeling towards her, I have reloved my special half as she accepts my pride during our brief stay, entertaining each other. This book is the collection of all my poems and tales, not only from my personal life but from the observation of my mind through my eyes of many special people and heart-catching circumstances that surround me.

Relieved and Reloved

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