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This book has the purpose of turning the moment of tea, a completely conscious moment. Not only feel a simple cinnamon tea, but feel a connection with this tea that you will drink at this moment, feel our body and soul become part of the tea. And this is not so much beneficial for our body but also for our mind and soul.

With only about 15 minutes a day that you dedicate to having a cup of tea (preferably when you get up or go to bed) you can calm your nervous system, you can allow yourself to give life a hug and share with it.

There are many ways to meditate, and I consider this to be one of them. I invite you to, with a cup of tea, find a comfortable place and proceed to read a few pages of this book. So, try to experience in your own body and mind each sentence you read and if you have to read them again you can do it to your liking, until you feel satisfied (a) (e).

These letters will no longer be just letters but the way to expand and bring out that beautiful energy that you carry inside and let it unite with the world around you. Then you and he will have joined and will be one energy.

Cinnamon Tea by: Exi Caraballo

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